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We Build Cost Effective Tire Handling/Manipulating Equipment

Whether you’re an open pit operation or an underground mine, we can supply the correct tire handling machine to fit your specific requirements.  We have built and shipped dozens of machines worldwide over the last 13 years.  We build tire handling machines that are compact and maneuverable in underground mines that typically use tires ranging from 18:00-25L5S to 26.5R29L4, and have specialized in tire handling machines for open pit mining that range from 49″ up to 63″.  We can supply large tire handling machines that can handle large loader tires (including chains) weighing up to 40,000 pounds/18,144 kilograms.

We take a different approach to equipping the unit versus the conventional approach of just buying new equipment.  The fact is that at the majority of mines the tire handling machine isn’t a high hour usage machine, but rather a tool to provide Safe handling of tires, and doing it more Productively.  In an effort to be the most cost effective investment, we recommend hand picking a good used wheel loader or forklift for the job.  Here’s how we approach it:

 The Process:  Locating, Evaluating, Preparing, and Shipping the right machine

It starts with knowing what the customer’s application and expectations are.  We discuss in detail what their usage will be (tire sizes to be handled, location where the unit will be used, type of tire handler to be used, budgetary requirements, delivery time frame, and safety and company requirements).

Once we have an in-depth idea of what requirements are we start locating potential machines that will fit.  We make a living in the worldwide used equipment business, and we’re constantly evaluating potential machines that would make a good tire handling machine.  Once the search has been narrowed down, we do an in-depth physical inspection of the unit, review the machine history of maintenance and repair, using  tools like the Caterpillar SIMS (service information management system), and ultimately decide if the unit makes the cut.  At this point we will provide a complete report to the customer to ask for their agreement that this is the right unit and the unit is purchased.

Once the unit has been purchased we bring it to our facility to start the work.  We do a second  complete machine inspection (performed by an experienced mechanic), detailing all needed repairs and we perform a TA (technical analysis) consisting of pressure checking all major components (engine, transmission, electrical, hydraulics, axles/differentials, and cooling) and oil sample all components.  The component must either meet manufactures guidelines for component life remaining, or plan to do a rebuild/major refurbishing of the component.

In addition to the noted repairs we find through the inspection process we typically do the following to each unit we work on (some of the items listed don’t apply to both wheel loaders and forklifts):

  • Drop belly pans, open up the radiator cowling, and completely steam clean the entire machine
  • Add hydraulic functions and run lines to the attachment, set pressures and flows to the tire handler, including changing relief valve cartridges
  • Install secondary (safety) steering system
  • Complete 2000 hour service (engine/transmission/differentials/hydraulic/radiator)
  • Deactivate higher travel gears (if requested)
  • Build and install additional counterweight
  • Install tire handler attachment including electrical, hydraulics, extra hosing, and guarding
  • Install Rhino lining to step and walk areas
  • Install 20# fire extinguisher and bracket, install front work light and bracket on tire handler, add additional work lights as needed, install choke blocks and holders, install rubber skirting on front fenders
  • Sponge-blast, clean, paint, and decal (if requested)
  • Dyno-test lift capacity after installation is complete and provide certifiable test results 

Depending on the location where the unit will be working, we can provide additional equipment for hot or cold weather protection (i.e. arctic oils, component heaters, additional cooling) to the machine and or the attachment

The entire process start to finish can be done in no more than 4-5 weeks

Once the unit is ready to ship we will arrange inland and ocean shipping to your location or port of choice.    Depending on the machine size or for vandalism concerns, we take steps to provide secure storage of small items that can be removed.  We can ship attachments in separate containers.

When we’re done, you will have a dependable and cost effective machine that will give you the tool you need!


Caterpillar 980H designed to handle all 63" tires and wheels up to 23,000 LBS